Our Chef

Chef Jason Wu

Chef Jason Wu is passionate in creating great tasting traditional Chinese cooking flavors and integrating world elements to further shape innovative dishes with rich layers and unique flavors.  Chef Wu”s unique cooking techniques and creativity made him appointed as Executive Chef at 1886 Chinese Fine Dining and Market East at the exclusive JW Marriott Parq Vancouver Hotel.  Prior to joining Parq, Chef Wu was invited to be one of the founding team members at Mott 32; another Chinese Fine Dining restaurant at the Trump Hotel. Wu’s signature dishes provide gourmets with multi-sensory enjoyment and applauded by the Vancouverites.


Wu is always fascinated to study culinary skills.  Wu immersed himself in the need to study different ingredients, cuisines and cooking techniques from all over the world.  More specifically, Wu challenged himself and offered western cooking elements to enhance the vibrant culinary of Chinese food.    Wu worked and staged with many western Chefs to offer modern and diversified banquets. Wu was proud to have this experience and in 2018, he won the prestigious award of “Critics” Choice Award -  Chinese Restaurant Award 2018 in introducing his master piece of the famous dish “Sichuan Style Braised BC Sturgeon Fillet in Spicy Chili, Clay Pot”.


Wu travelled to China to work and team up with many famous Chefs to explore the complex flavours of Chinese cooking.  In the past ten years, Wu traveled to Hong Kong and Macau to discover the seasoning and balancing intense flavours of traditional Chinese culinary.  He also travelled to the western of Xinjiang.  Throughout China, Wu went through and experienced local hallmark traditional restaurants ranging from large to small. On the basis of original recipe and tradition craftmanship, Wu successfully rebranded the atmosphere, balanced food program and unique cooking secrets to transform into his own distinctive style. Dishes after dishes he cooked he finally accomplished successfully creating his new and unique dish namely “Osmanthus Preserved Smoked Pork Belly” and “Guizhou Miao Village’s Fish and Preserved Veggies Soup” for his patrons.  Moreover, Wu gained attention for his signature luxury Abalone dishes, which Vancouver Chinese restaurant owners and Vancouvites delicately craved.

With his chronically fine experience, adhering to a passion for cooking, Wu perfectly integrates technique and creativity.  A flavour driven Chef, he understood the elements and structure of building a good dish.  Wu believes his cuisine is built on technique, flavour, balance, tradition, innovation and presentation.  Most recently, Chef Wu joined the Vancouver 3Fish team to walk into the front line to introduce and telling his fans the application of raw materials. As he looks forward to his next chapter, the ever-energized Wu will create a variety of seafood dishes, develop creative recipes using local raw materials being the top priority and invite diners to enjoy simple but professional recipes for the home kitchen as well as restaurants. Chef Wu’s belief is a real cuisine could bring happiness to people with real good authentic materials. His goal is to let the world know there is no difficulties to cook seafood !